Troubleshoot errors in osm2pgsql processing

This section contains rough notes about how to troubleshoot errors in PgOSM Flex.

Reduce --ram

If you encounter an unusual failure during the osm2pgsql step of PgOSM Flex, try reducing the --ram value. Choosing a --ram option too high can cause the process to fail with a variety of unexpected errors. If that isn't the problem, continue reading.

Docker logs

Output such as this.

2023-02-26 22:14:31,760:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:Processing: Node(10k 10.0k/s) Way(0k 0.00k/s) Relation(0Processing: Node(84760k 277.9k/s) Way(0k 0.00k/s) Relation(0 0.0/s)
2023-02-26 22:14:31,774:ERROR:pgosm-flex:pgosm_flex:Failed to run osm2pgsql. Return code: -9
Failed to run osm2pgsql. Return code: -9 - Check the log output for details

Checking logs from Docker might shed light on issue.

docker logs pgosm
2023-02-26 22:14:31.777 UTC [114] LOG:  incomplete message from client
2023-02-26 22:14:31.777 UTC [114] CONTEXT:  COPY tags, line 1
2023-02-26 22:14:31.777 UTC [114] STATEMENT:  COPY "osm"."tags" ("geom_type","osm_id","tags") FROM STDIN
2023-02-26 22:14:31.807 UTC [114] ERROR:  unexpected EOF on client connection with an open transaction
2023-02-26 22:14:31.807 UTC [114] CONTEXT:  COPY tags, line 1
2023-02-26 22:14:31.807 UTC [114] STATEMENT:  COPY "osm"."tags" ("geom_type","osm_id","tags") FROM STDIN
2023-02-26 22:14:31.812 UTC [114] FATAL:  terminating connection because protocol synchronization was lost
2023-02-26 22:14:31.822 UTC [114] LOG:  could not send data to client: Broken pipe

Troubleshoot within Docker

Enter the docker container into /bin/bash.

docker exec -it pgosm /bin/bash

Set environment variables required for PgOSM Flex's operation.

export PGOSM_CONN=postgresql://postgres:mysecretpassword@localhost:5432/pgosm?application_name=pgosm-flex
export PGOSM_IMPORT_UUID=this-is-not-a-real-uuid
export PGOSM_LAYERSET=minimal

Run osm2pgsql manually. Start with a simple operation shown below, consider adding adding -v and/or --log-sql-data to the osm2pgsql command to dig deeper.

osm2pgsql -d $PGOSM_CONN \
    --create --output=flex --style=./run.lua \

Configure more things

docker run --name pgosm -d --rm \
    -v ~/pgosm-data:/app/output \
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
    -p 5433:5432 -d rustprooflabs/pgosm-flex \
    -c shared_buffers=1GB \
    -c work_mem=50MB \
    -c maintenance_work_mem=10GB \
    -c autovacuum_work_mem=2GB \
    -c checkpoint_timeout=300min \
    -c max_wal_senders=0 -c wal_level=minimal \
    -c max_wal_size=10GB \
    -c checkpoint_completion_target=0.9 \
    -c random_page_cost=1.0 \
    -c full_page_writes=off \
    -c fsync=off \
    -c log_statement=all \
    -c log_duration=on