We encourage pull requests (PRs) from everyone.

Fork the project into your own repo, create a topic branch there and then make one or more pull requests back to the main repository targeting the dev branch. Your PR can then be reviewed and discussed.

Helpful: Run make in the project root directory and ensure tests pass. If tests are not passing and you need help resolving, please mention this in your PR.

Adding new feature layers

Checklist for adding new feature layers:

  • Create flex-config/style/<feature>.lua
  • Create flex-config/sql/<feature>.sql
  • Update flex-config/run-no-tags.lua
  • Update flex-config/run-no-tags.sql
  • Update db/qc/features_not_in_run_all.sql
  • Add relevant tests/sql/<feature_queries>.sql
  • Add relevant tests/expected/<feature_queries>.out