Testing PgOSM Flex

The Makefile at the root of this project tests many core aspects of PgOSM Flex's functionality. It builds the Docker image, tests a few usage scenarios (including --input-file) and runs both Python unit tests and Data Import tests. The data import tests verify row counts by osm_type and osm_subtype of many tables.

Run all tests

To run all tests run make from the project's root directory.


A simplified usage for quicker testing during development.

make docker-exec-default unit-tests

Python unit tests

The Python unit tests are under pgosm-flex/docker/tests/. These tests use Python's unittest module. The make process runs these using coverage run ... and coverage report .... See the Makefile for exact implementation.

Data import tests

Under pgosm-flex/tests. The run-output-tests.sh script is ran by running make. The script loops over the .sql scripts under pgosm-flex/tests/sql/, runs the queries via psql using --no-psqlrc -tA and compares the output from the query against the expected output saved under pgosm-flex/tests/expected.

FIXME: At this time the run-extra-loads.sh script is not ran automatically. There are not any usage notes covering those random side tests.

What is not tested

Functionality of osm2pgsql-replication to actually update data. Challenge is that to test this it requires having a recent .osm.pbf file for the initial import. Attempting to use the test D.C. file used for all other testing (from January 13, 2021), the initial import works, however a subsequent refresh fails.

2023-01-29 08:11:35,553:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:2023-01-29 08:11:35 [INFO]: Using replication service 'http://download.geofabrik.de/north-america/us/district-of-columbia-updates'. Current sequence 2856 (2021-01-13 14:42:03-07:00).
2023-01-29 08:11:36,866:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:Traceback (most recent call last):
2023-01-29 08:11:36,866:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:File "/usr/local/bin/osm2pgsql-replication", line 556, in <module>
2023-01-29 08:11:36,866:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:sys.exit(main())
2023-01-29 08:11:36,866:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:File "/usr/local/bin/osm2pgsql-replication", line 550, in main
2023-01-29 08:11:36,867:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:return args.handler(conn, args)
2023-01-29 08:11:36,867:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:File "/usr/local/bin/osm2pgsql-replication", line 402, in update
2023-01-29 08:11:36,867:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:endseq = repl.apply_diffs(outhandler, seq + 1,
2023-01-29 08:11:36,867:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:File "/usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages/osmium/replication/server.py", line 177, in apply_diffs
2023-01-29 08:11:36,868:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:diffs = self.collect_diffs(start_id, max_size)
2023-01-29 08:11:36,868:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:File "/usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages/osmium/replication/server.py", line 143, in collect_diffs
2023-01-29 08:11:36,868:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:left_size -= rd.add_buffer(diffdata, self.diff_type)
2023-01-29 08:11:36,868:INFO:pgosm-flex:helpers:RuntimeError: gzip error: inflate failed: incorrect header check
2023-01-29 08:11:36,890:WARNING:pgosm-flex:pgosm_flex:Failure. Return code: 1
2023-01-29 08:11:36,890:INFO:pgosm-flex:pgosm_flex:Skipping pg_dump
2023-01-29 08:11:36,890:WARNING:pgosm-flex:pgosm_flex:PgOSM Flex completed with errors. Details in output